Florida Trip 2022



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Florida 2022

February 17-22, 2022

Updated: 2/9/22

The Cedar Springs High School Band students will be traveling to Orlando, Florida this February. Students will leave Thursday morning, February 17 via charter bus, and will arrive home Tuesday, February 22. The basics of the trip are as follows:

  • Round trip charter bus service for the entire duration of our trip
  • Three nights stay at Buena Vista Suites, near Walt Disney World Resort
  • Full breakfast each morning
  • Meal cards (over $100 total value) to cover meals within the parks
  • Performance in Disney Springs
  • Instrumental Music Workshop
  • Nightly security
  • Other additional benefits and securities

General Rules


  • We represent our school and community as we travel. Students are to be considerate of everyone with whom they come in contact.
  • Laptop computers, games systems (X-box, Game Cube, etc.), TVs, and portable DVD players are not permitted.
  • Students are to use appropriate language and demonstrate good behavior.
  • Each student is to stay with his/her designated group and never travel anyplace alone. Always travel with a buddy. Students must not leave any facility except in an approved, chaperoned group.
  • Students may wear comfortable clothing appropriate for touring during most of the trip.
  • Each student is to participate fully in all activities of the trip.
  • The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited. 
  • Students assume full responsibility for all valuables taken on the trip.
  • All school rules are in effect!


  • Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Providing the student follows bus rules, each student may select his/her seat.  
  • Seat selection will follow MB Guidelines. Once you select a seat and seat partner, that is your seat for the entire trip. There will be no switching. Guys sit with guys, ladies sit with ladies. 
  • Students may take food and soft drinks on the bus (no glass containers).  Please keep these vehicles clean and dispose of all trash properly.
  • Students are expected to bring only what luggage they can carry (one suitcase and one carry-on piece).  Luggage should be tagged with your name and address. Luggage will be inspected.
  • Portable music players may be played with headphones only.
  • Any videos brought for bus ride to and from Florida must be G, PG, or PG-13.


  • Students will stay in their own rooms from curfew until breakfast time. Lights out and quiet time will begin thirty minutes after curfew. Room checks will occur nightly.
  • One radio or TV per room may be played at a moderate level. They are not to distract others.
  • Everyone is to help keep his/her room neat.  Rooms will be checked.
  • No student is to enter the room of hotel guests not from our group. No one from outside our group is to enter our group’s rooms.
  • No student is to leave the hotel premises.
  • Students should use cell phones to call home.
  • At no time may boys visit girls’ rooms and vice versa. 
  • Students are responsible and required to pay for any damage and/or theft.
  • No swimming is allowed unless an adult from our group is present to supervise.


Click below to view the latest detailed itinerary. Updated as of 2/9/22

Click here to view rooming, bus seating, and groups.


The band will be staying in Buena Vista Suites, located near Walt Disney World Resort.

Hotel Details

8203 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821

(407) 239-8588

Packing and More

Groups and bus seating will be created and made available shortly. Below is a packing checklist for the travelers.

COVID Protocols and Precautions

We hope everyone will be able to travel. We will do our very best to help you travel safely, and if you cannot travel with us, we will work with you to help recoup expenses.

Now that Covid has been around for a while, for travel purposes it is treated like any other illness. If a traveler gets ill or has a death in the family etc. and they have the correct travel insurance, they will make a claim on the insurance. We of course will try to give back as much as we can – the cash backs and meals that we have not paid for yet and we would try to get a ticket refund. Unfortunately, there will be costs we can not get back (bus costs, hotel room costs etc).

If someone does test positive with Covid and they have the correct travel insurance, those costs may be covered. Those students in the room may also be covered by insurance. We will definitely work with you to get the best results and get the kids home safely but the parents may incur additional costs.

Face masks will be required in various areas of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and Buena Vista Suites. For the bus trip, we will follow protocols by Cedar Springs Public Schools and Kent County Health Department.