High School FAQs

How Can Band Parents Stay Involved?

  1. Join the BAND App: Directors will send out pertinent information in the BAND App. Click here to sign up.
  2. Read the TWIB: Each week, the directors send out a weekly announcement sheet with important information and dates. These are available in the BAND app, in an email (using Powerschool email), and under Latest News on cedarspringsbands.com.
  3. Check the Band Calendar: The band calendar has the most up to date information about events and activities. Make sure to click on the actual activity to see additional information. We have created a link to make subscribing to our calendar a breeze.
  4. Attend the Monthly Booster Meetings: Booster meetings are held each month at 7pm in the High School Choir Room. These meetings are a great way to stay informed!

If rehearsal ends at 9:00pm, why does my kid get to the car so late.

Students are all required to help bring equipment inside, carry props, put up instruments, etc. That will take a little time to pack everything up and go inside. Some students are also asking questions to leaders or directors. Talk to your student about your expectations for how fast they should move. The band room closes no later than 30 minutes after each rehearsal.

Is marching band optional?

No. Marching band is part of the instrumental music curriculum at Cedar Springs. Health issues that may impair participation should be communicated to the directors.

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences?

  • We understand that band takes a lot of time, but please know that we are very strict about our attendance policy. The reason is because we have 120+ students and we rely on everyone being in their drill spot in order to rehearse successfully. We implement a strict attendance policy because of the amount of people and our need to be fair to everyone in the organization. If we allowed everyone to miss for a doctor’s check-up, dentist appointment, boy scout meeting, etc, then we would ALWAYS have a ton of students missing.
  • Excused absences – Death in family, medical emergency/being sick, close family members wedding, pre-approved participation in athletic events, other approved absences by a director.
  • Unexcused absences – medical appointments (this does not include if a kid is sick – just a basic check up), outside of school club meetings, youth groups, driver’s tests, etc.
  • This doesn’t mean that we NEVER approve absences. We are always willing to work with students that need to attend other important life events. What we ask is that you communicate in a timely manner and get it approved by Mr. Weber and Mr. Nabozny.
  • All absence related issues should be communicated to the band directors.

Can I be in band and sports?

Yes! Both Mr. Weber and Mr. Nabozny were in band and sports and other activities. You can definitely do both. For marching band, we do ask that you communicate with the band directors so we can coordinate the band and athletics schedules.