TWIB Week of 2/14/2022

Good evening!

Our pumpkins turned stagecoaches are almost ready to sweep us away to the Most Magical Place on Earth! Disney information on is the most current information, including groups, bus seating, and rooms. We won’t get exact room numbers until check-in on Friday night.

Remember to pack your concert blacks for our stage performance, a facemask (masks are REQUIRED at certain points of the trip and are non-negotiable), and a change of clothes for Friday. All luggage stowed under the bus will be unavailable for access until hotel check-in FRIDAY NIGHT! 

For middle schoolers, as a member of the high school band, you will have the opportunity to travel to Florida for several days of music, sun, fun, and to enjoy the hospitality of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. The next slated trip will be in the winter/spring of 2025 or 2026. Planning for these types of trips begins at least a year in advance so there will be plenty of time to gather information and resources for this trip.

Before we head off to see The Mouse, our Pre-Festival concert is Tuesday night! See the TWIB for call times. This performance will include performances by our 8th Grade Band, both High School Bands and the Florida Band. 

Have a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah week! See you tomorrow!

Musically yours, 

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